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My partner and I have enjoyed many holidays in France and we yearned to have a house there. Four years ago, we finally took the plunge and bought one. There are many old trees in and around our plot – mighty limes, figs, walnuts and ancient oaks along the lane. We love feeling immersed in the countryside.

This walnut tree is so beautiful. It is on high ground in the middle of a meadow that, depending on the season, is filled with grass, flowers and insects. Whether illuminated by the sun or moonlight, it always inspires me and makes me happy.

Now that we are locked down in Binfield, Berkshire, I am resigned to the fact that we will not be able to return to France for some time. It would be lovely to think of this walnut tree as a symbol of permanence through the Covid-19 crisis. But with the climate emergency looming ever closer, is this really true? Sometimes I think that we need to photograph every big tree as a record for future generations of what the world was like.